Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Contest 3 in 1 with Aini ♥

Assalamualaikum to all muslim and hai to all non muslim.

Today I want to join this contest. Why? Haiya, don't you guys know that I love CHOCOLATE CABURY ♥ and KINDER BUENO ♥

Want it too. Join this contest. How? Click HERE
I tag Mizs Pinky Pearl, Farzana, and Amy Noreffazira.

 Hehe... isn't this picture is cute ♥ Miss Aini?

Can I win? ◕‿◕

Not yet? How about this picture? 
Haha... Isn't he looked pretty?

 I like this picture the most

 Because it is my picture with my friends.

Let me introdure to you. On the right, Atien. She's older than me. 
On the center, the one looking at me is Teha.

If you watch this picture, you can make a short stories about it. 
That why I liked this picture the most.

The funny one is Atien. Haha... Naughty photographer. But you are my BEST photographer ♥
Another picture is about my CUTIE ♥

She is my CUTIE ♥

I named her as MIKA ♥
I found her on 12 November 2010.
She's cute, adorable and intelligent too ♥
She poops at toilet. She doesn't want to sleep outside but... looked at the picture on your left. She want a blanket and sleep with us.
Miss her so much ♥
She's died on 7 March 2011 ='(
Only this picture I have. Nothing more.
I loved to watch her sleep cause she sure have style when she's sleep.
Hehe. Looked at the third picture of Mika.
Put your hands up when you're sleeping ♥



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